About us

DS Images is based in Chester, in the North West of England and specialises in innovative commercial and industrial photography. DS Images is an independent business owned and run by David Sharrock (LBIPP & LMPA). DS Images operates with a fully equipped portable studio with different back drops and lighting systems for a dedicated "on location shoot". On most assignments, images may be immediately processed and handed over on a disc in Raw, Tiff and JPEG format enabling a fast and efficient service for further applications.

During the past 25 years David Sharrock has gained extensive photographic experience working in commercial and industrial photography for a vast amount of well established and recognized companies. Assignments have ranged from factory floor to boardroom level and individual product shots to architectural designs. David also has the advantage of having worked in the extreme sports sector for commercial applications in the French Alps, experience as a stills photographer on numerous film sets in South America for MGA and also worked within conflict zones for Sepia Press and Hospital Sans Frontier in Europe and Africa.

David Sharrock Chester Photography

Being a member of both the prestigious British Institute of Professional Photography, David can give his clients the piece of mind they deserve as well as guarantees of a very high standard of photography.